Questions about products and orders
How can I search for a specific product in the store?

To search for a product, please use the existing search module at the top of the site. Enter the information you are looking for, and if it is found on the site, you will be shown a list of compatible results.

I am a legal entity. Can I buy?

Yes, Minni Me (minnime.ro) honors the orders of legal entities. In order to receive the fiscal invoice with the company's data, please enter the data that will be requested at registration or during the order process.

How do I proceed if I want the delivery to be made to an address other than the one specified in my customer account?

In this situation, during the ordering process, you will have the option to enter the information corresponding to the desired delivery address.

Client account administration
I forgot my account password. How do I proceed?

If you do not remember your account password, please use the Recover forgotten password option, available on the Account Access page.

What do I do if I want to change my account data?

To change the data in the client account, please log in to your account and then access the Account Update option, available in the My Account section.

Do I need an account to be able to buy?

To shop on this site, you need to create a user account. It can also be created after you have added the desired products to the Shopping Cart.

Can I change a placed order?

If you want to modify an order, please contact us using the contact form on the site. Please also specify the order ID, which you can find in the Order History section.

Can I find out about previous orders?

You can consult the history of orders placed on the site, accessing the Order History section.

General questions
I want to buy a product that is only available with pre-order. How do I proceed?

The products available with pre-order are not in stock but can be ordered. The approximate date of delivery will be announced after placing the order, via a confirmation email. Pre-orders will be delivered when the products are physically in stock. The shopping cart can contain both products in stock and pre-ordered products; in this case they will be delivered together - no separate deliveries will be made for these orders. Shopping carts that contain only pre-ordered products must be paid online when they are made, not on the delivery date. For any questions please contact us with a message using the contact form.

I saw a promotion / giveaway offered by Minni Me on Instagram / Facebook. Is it true and how does it work?

Minni Me Store SRL occasionally organizes contests with various prizes consisting of products or product packages, we also offer discounts on certain occasions. All these events are published on the official Instagram and Facebook page, respectively. The rules of each contest are described in the respective posts. Minni Me guarantees the correctness and transparency of their development. For any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form.

I want to obtain additional information, which is not found on the site. How do I proceed?

In this case, please contact us using the contact form.